Even though they're not all from the Golden State, these designers know what we love to wear. 

Meet some of our favorite brands.  Stay a while, you will like what you see. 




"I'm very passionate about making all of our customers feel as beautiful and confident as they possibly can. Being a female designer and a married, working mom, I have a deep understanding of what my customers are looking for, whether it's a date-night outfit or a taking-the-kids-to-a-birthday-party outfit.  Feeling like you haven't lost your fashion soul no matter what your day looks like." - Rebecca Taylor




The Julez Bryant collection was born over a decade ago from a sense of craftsmanship and timeless design. Looking to the natural beauty of the world around us—from a simple silhouette of a distant mountain range or the rich, gritty texture of an urban cityscape-these raw elements and beautiful forms always find a way into our collection.


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veronica beard

Veronica Beard is an elevated American sportswear brand that strikes the balance between classic and cool.  Veronica Miele Beard & Veronica Swanson Beard are sisters-in-law who launched their eponymous brand in the Fall of 2010 with their signature Dickey Jacket. Today the line offers a modern perspective on iconic staples and results in a ready to wear collection that is hard wired for real life.  These essentials are both effortless and chic, each piece mixing superior tailoring with the highest level of quality and fit.



One of our favorite brands of all-time Theory continues to produce contemporary clothing for the modern woman.  Timeless and perfectly tailored, Theory's offerings include pants, silk tops, sweaters, jackets and tees.  This luxury brand continues to re-invent itself season after season and truly never disappoints.


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That's right...we carry modern clothing that not only makes you look great but feels soft and comfortable.  You'll find that everything in the shop is luxurious, longing to be touched. From tees, to silk tops, to cozy sweaters, the boutique lives up to Carolina's vision of dressing to look polished and effortless, but not sacrificing yourself or comfort along the way. It's true that simplicity is the key.